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  • Jodi Arias

    What are your thoughts on the Jodi Arias case that has been dragging on and on?

    I have been following this case since it started. This just seems to never end. I posted a few different topics about this trial on my blog
    MEDIA and YOU

    Do you think the media (news), reality TV can have a great impact on places people and things we think to be one way in our mind? When you hear or see something that you don’t agree with do you have a change of opinion about a person, place, or thing immediately or do you think everything through that you have seen and heard and what sources do you consider to be accurate? This has a lot to do with our perception of things and sometimes people can have their mind already made up without knowing all the facts. This brings me to a great point, one very recent trial that has sparked much outrage among all different types of people ranging from age, gender, ethnicity, and beliefs. Many of you might follow current trials as I do. We will take a look at a few that will always leave us in shock and awe of how someone could commit such a heinous crime. I will discuss The Jodi Arias trial, Casey Anthony, The Mendez brothers, as well as the OJ Simpson case. I will also discuss other trials from the past as well as present and future upcoming trials.

    The Jodi Arias trail started back in January of 2013. Jodi Arias brutally murdered Travis Alexander in his home in Mesa, Arizona back on June 4, 2008. Jodi had 2 defense lawyers to represent her for her first trial with a number of reasons her lawyers claimed were the real reason Jodi killed Travis. The big one was the so-called Self-Defense claim, along with blaming her parents, and previous bad relationships as well as having some mental issues. If you followed the trial when Jodi was on the stand she never once not once ever said she was sorry for murdering Travis.

    What many people are not aware of is if Jodi does get life the judge can always give her life with the possibility of parole. After several years served and depending on the laws in Arizona at the time Jodi is in the prison system, and how they work she might get time served counted towards her sentence if she does get life with parole. What that means is the jail time that she has served up until the penalty phase is decided might count towards a life sentence if the jury decides to go with life and not death. So if she has served 5 years and she gets a life sentence of 25 years to life, 5 years might be counted towards time served of the 25 year sentence which would mean when she went to prison she would only have 20 years left to serve, if Arizona allows this. There is so much more to cover on this trial and we will discuss this in more detail. I have inserted a link that will be helpful to provide a little more insight into the decision made by the first jury that resulted in the mistrial for the penalty phase.

    Jodi Arias and her defense team were back in court today July 16, 2013. The retrial start date has now been pushed out even further as the defense attorney Kirk Nurmi does not have all the necessary documents ready to proceed with the rest of the case for the new jury.

    Of course the defense is going to come up with anything to try to save Jodi’s life. I really hope the new jury takes a long hard look at the pictures again of what Jodi did to Travis. There is no excuse to do that to another human being even if Travis did call her names. She is not an innocent little angel. If you did not watch the first trial I suggest watching it and getting caught up on what took place and what evidence was presented and who testified.

    I have to say when Jodi recorded Travis without him knowing she very well could have provoked certain topics in regards to sex and fantasy talk to where he did say sexual things, but she recorded him without him knowing. Many people have sexual fantasy talks; however this does not make them sick. This brings up another issue when Jodi taped Travis and he said she sounded like a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm, well I listened to that tape in the first trial and her voice did not sound like a grown female, so this might be why Travis said what he did. That does not mean he was into children as Jodi claimed as well. Yet she also said she watched Travis on his computer looking at naked pictures of little boys and that he wanted to see her in spider-man underwear, yet the only time the underwear were seen was when Jodi took the picture herself, so this could have very much been another manipulation tactic from her. In regards to the so-called naked little boy pics on the computer of Travis, the police took his computer and not one single piece of evidence ever suggested he looked at such pictures. Just another one of Jodi’s lies.

    I will be touching more on this trial and others as I continue in my journey with you into the unknown. We can’t always make sense of why people do what they do, but we can explore into the reality of what has happened and what may or may not have caused the problem resulting in a crime.

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    Focus on the future not on the past

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    Update Jodi Arias Trial

    Below Travis’s two sister’s and brother.

    As of October 24, 2013 there was a settlement conference held for Jodi Arias. The case is going to have a retrial due to a settlement not being reached. A new jury will be deciding on the penalty phase. Let’s hope the new jury can reach a verdict of death or life in prison. The problem I have is if the new jury does give her life technically life does not actually mean life until you die in the Arizona prison system There is the possibility that if Jodi does get life then the Judge can allow her to serve twenty-five years. That is not any kind of sentence that speaks of justice to me as well as I am sure many of you that have followed the case feel the same way.

    Just to remind you several times the attorneys for Jodi have requested to be off the case and not represent Jodi anymore. Unfortunately for the defense attorneys the judge would not allow this. So once again the family has to wait this process out. I would feel as though time was just standing still if I was a family member. Even when a life or death verdict does happen there will never truly be anything that can ever take away the pain. At one point Jodi said she would rather have death than life. Then of course she changed her mind. I never for a second believe she really wanted death. Jodi clearly likes the media attention. If she received death then she wouldn’t have any media attention until her number is up so to speak.

    If you ever watched any of the TV interviews Jodi gave she constantly bashes Travis and doesn’t seem to be the least bit sorry for what she did. I do understand there are only two people who really know what happened that fateful day, but the evidence doesn’t lie. On the other hand Jodi has lied so many times about the events that happened I can’t count high enough to count the lies and much of this has been caught on tape.

    If you are not familiar with how Travis was killed you can look the pics up. Warning the pictures are very graphic but the pictures show the reality of what happened to a young man by the hands of a brutal killer. If you have a weak stomach I would suggest not looking them up but if you do just type the following in Google and then select images Travis Alexander crime scene photos graphic.

    If you do look for the pictures this will help you to understand more why so many people all over the world cant help but feel sorry for the Alexander family and want Jodi to get what is coming to her.

    Focus on the future not on the past


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      According to HLN a recent update for the Jodi Arias trial, judge Stephens has made the decision for the retrial of the penalty phase to begin next year in 2014 the jurors will not be in sequestration. This might make for some mixed feelings if you watched the first trial. One of the reasons the judge is not going to have the jurors in sequestration is due to the fact that the defense team doesn’t want live TV coverage during the retrial period. So the judge ruled in favor of the defense team, however Stephens will allow reporters and one still camera photographer to attend during the penalty phase.

      The retrial will be held at the Maricopa County Courthouse just like the first trial. I do think even though live coverage will not be shown during the trial I have a feeling there will still be plenty of people who will wait outside the court-house rain or shine. I know many people are tired of hearing about Jodi Arias and anything to do with the case, but try not to forget just how brutal the crime she committed was. The brutal stabbing, gun shot to the head and the slit to the throat of Travis Alexander will never go away for his family. Did you know the tax payers or Arizona (which I currently am one of those as I live in Arizona at the moment) as of April 2013 have already shelled out $1,687,328.21 for the Jodi Arias defense trial (according to HLN). I do feel its very important to pay attention to this trial because even if you don’t like to talk about it or hear about it, the fact is if you live in Arizona and work your hard-earned money goes to pay for the defense of Jodi.

      Focus on the future not on the past


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        Travis rest in peace you will always be missed.

        Focus on the future not on the past


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          Update: Jodi Arias penalty phase

          For those of you that have been following the trial of the gruesome cold-blooded killer Jodi Arias if you haven’t already heard or read, once again another delay for the retrial of the penalty phase. This is getting really ridiculous for the family to have to live everyday waiting and wondering how much longer until Jodi will be legally punished for what she did to Travis. Jodi was found guilty of first degree murder, now we are waiting for the sentencing of death or life in prison.

          Due to a recent hearing on Monday March 17, 2014 the judge has ordered the selection for a jury to begin September 8, 2014. I would like to believe this will happen, but there always seems to be something that delays the case and the family getting final justice. I feel no matter what Jodi will pay in the next life for what she has done. She can try to put the reality of her fate off but she can only avoid her final punishment for so long.

          I understand with the way the system works that all people deserve a fair trial, but this just seems to be getting out of hand. This is so overdue. Travis and his family and friends really do deserve some type of justice. The family and friends will clearly never get over what has happened, but in a way it seems they are being tortured everyday waiting for this nightmare to end and not have to deal with Jodi and her lies anymore.

          The fact of reality is there were only two people there the night Travis was brutally murdered and the other sad fact is verbally we have only heard the side of Jodi because Travis will never be able to verbally tell his side. I do think there has been more than enough evidence though from the family and friends of Travis that speaks for him in many ways.

          On the other hand the people who have been following this trial have heard Jodi who it has been proven time and time again how well she can manipulate people, the system, and tell lie after lie. When I think of Jodi I not only think of her as a killer but I also think of Jodi as a “Chameleon”, even though she doesn't change colors to visually see it’s very clear she has many different personalities and will transform to what she feels you like to get on your good side or so she thinks.

          There are many people who feel sorry for Jodi and believe the stories she has told. I say those people really need to wake up and understand just how horrific this killing of Travis was. In fact if you are a supporter of Jodi then I suggest you do your research and look at the pictures of what she did to Travis. I am not talking about the ones you see on TV that are rated for TV viewing. Look at the reality of what took place and look at the pictures that you don’t see on TV.

          I really hope that justice will be given to Travis, his family and friends by the end of 2014. I just can’t imagine going through the torture everyday feeling as if things were never going to end. Let’s pray for the Alexander family and give them strength to get through this and somehow find a way to get through each day.



          Focus on the future not on the past


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            Focus on the future not on the past